Wake Daze

Wake Daze are days filled with wakeboarding, yoga and good vibes.

They are fun days where a group of riders can get together and focus on their shred skills.  Whether you’ve never even looked at a wakeboard before, at an intermediate level or a seasoned pro, there will always be something new to learn on one of our Wake Daze events with one-to-one coaching from our Level 3 Wakeboard Coach, Lex Balladon.

The wakeboarding days also include a lakeside yoga session, a Nalu Beads workshop where you will get to make something with your Nalu Gift to remember the experience with, and then soak away your achy muscles in the log burning hot tub.

Beginner: If you have been wanting to try a new activity then this is perfect!  You’re learning in the best environment where the cable speed is tailored for you ability.

Intermediate: If you’ve been wakeboarding for a couple of seasons now and you’ve got your own kit, we know there is so much more to learn!  You might want to hit your first rail or kicker, or learn ollie 180s or back 180s, or some grabs off the kickers, or get those presses on the rail to look more legit… think about what you’d like to work on.

Advance: Want to get that first air trick?  Or get those kicker spins dialled?  Or try a new invert?  We’ve got your back.  There is always something to learn in wakeboarding.

Get in contact to find out and book on for 2023 dates :)