Main Lake Timetable 2022 

 Monday to Friday

9am to 1pm

1pm to 8pm

Monday (Excl Bank Hols)

Club Boat

Club Boat





Club Boat

Club Boat





Club Boat


 Weekend & Bank Holidays

8am to 12pm

12pm to 8pm


Club Boat



8am to 2pm

2pm to 8pm



Club Boat


8am to 2pm

2pm to 8pm

Bank Holiday Monday


Club Boat



All Lake Users must read these rules & safety notes prior to using the lake. It is the responsibility of the 

Boat owner / member to ensure all of their party has read & understood them. 

Season Dates - 1st April to 31st October 2022

1. Strictly no alcohol to be consumed before or during the lake use, anyone reported as drinking whilst using the lake will be asked to leave the water.

2. Buoyancy Aids must be worn at all times in the water, in a boat or on a jetty & Protective Helmets should be worn if using

3. A valid certificate of insurance must be provided

4. Only insured & certified persons to operate the boat

5. Driving patterns must be observed at all times

6. Lake use is permitted during 8am to 8pm

7. All Boat drivers must be qualified with at least SBD1, (See BWSW website for further information), a copy of all drivers licences will be required with this membership.

8. All lake users share the responsibility of lake safety at all Please report any foul play to the management who will respond accordingly.

9. If you or any member of your party suffer from any health issues please inform the management

10. Whilst Xtremewake makes every effort to ensure that all lake users are safe— we do not accept any liability for loss or damage to persons or property however

11. Xtremewake will terminate a lake session without notice if it is deemed or reported that these rules are not being Memberships will be terminated without refund if members are not complying with these rules.

12. All lake & site users must treat the site, property, its owners & staff with respect & behave in a courteous manner at all

13. All BWSW recommendations for towing & inflatable use must be adhered to

14. All lake sessions must be booked in Do not launch until you have notified Xtremewake.

15. The launch way is for the launching and recovering of boats only—please remove trailers & vehicles once this has been

16. We strictly forbid general swimming in all of our

17. Smoking is prohibited on or around boats & jetties

18. Xtremewake reserves the right to alter these rules without notice should circumstances.

19. All boat users should complete a lake safety check before they use the water to identify any hazards or floating debris that could cause damage or injury

20. Do not tow without having an observer in the boat

21. Maximum three boats per session, with a maximum of two boats on the water at any one time.

22. Please refrain from changing riders in the water allowing for all members to get equal use of the lake during booked sessions.

23. Stay out of shallow water and well away from lake edges. Take care not to disturb birds, particularly during nesting or moulting

24. Six sessions can be pre booked at any one time, with a maximum of two consecutive weeks booked at any one time allowing all members equal lake time. Please contact Xtremewake via email or phone to book.

25. Please notify Xtremewake if you are not able to attend your session, this will allow other members to use the lake if they wish to.

26. Storing equipment on site is permitted but done so at owners own risk

27. Memberships are not transferable & are for one boat only.

28. Each membership is for four people. Additional guests who are using the water must pay a day charge of £5 per child and £10 per adult. There is no charge for people who are spectating only.

29. Day guests must complete a disclaimer and make payment before going out on the water.

30. During outdoor wedding ceremonies all lake use must cease for that period which should last no longer than 30 You will be informed on check in if this is the case.

31.Children must be supervised at all times.

32. Well behaved friendly Dogs are permitted but must be kept on leads & dog foul cleared immediately.

33. In the event of a serious accident or emergency please dial 999 and contact Xtremewake immediately.

34. Picnicking and BBQs on the bank is permitted free of charge for members All rubbish & refuse to be cleared. Please note, there is no picnicking directly outside the clubhouse on the lawn. Only food & drink purchased from the clubhouse may be consumed in this area.

35. All areas around the lake and launch areas are to be kept clear and free from litter & rubbish

36. All motorised Watersports are high risk, dangerous activities and have the potential to cause injury. By joining the membership, purchasing a guest pass or using the lake in general—you acknowledge this. These risks are taken of your own accord.

37. Guests are the responsibility of the members they are with. It is the members responsibility to ensure the guests has read and understood these rules & signed a disclaimer pre lake entry. Refusal to cooperate with this rule will result in a termination of membership.