Covid-19 Guidelines


· All slots must be pre-booked. This can be done by telephone, email or direct message. Where possible payment to be taken at the time of booking. Disclaimer form will be sent by email for completion before your session. Ride cards are available to purchase.

· All participants must carefully consider all COVID-19 personal and household risk assessment issues in accordance with the government guidelines.

· All equipment will be cleaned between participants.

· Participants advised to use toilet before attending and that there are no changing facilities on site.


Arrival at site:

· No access to interior of buildings – arrive “ready to go” or change in car (public transport is discouraged)

· Good hand hygiene to be observed on arrival and throughout visit.


· All participants should have their own equipment to avoid contact/cross infection.

· Please try where possible to attend on your own, where necessary only one spectator/guardian will be allowed. Spectators will be shown where to view when onsite.

· Participant should stay within their skill level and comfort zone avoiding unnecessary risk of injury.

· All visitors to maintain social distancing from the cable operator and any other person on site at all times.


End of activity:

· Rider leaves water where specified by the cable operator

· Take all equipment with you

· The operator will clean the handle and rope with anti bacterial after use.

· All riders to vacate site as quickly as possible after they have finished.